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Penguin vs Amazon – Book Fights Reach Libraries

20 Feb

Previously on Penguin vs. Amazon, Amazon cut prices for Penguin’s new releases of ebooks down to a discount price of $9.99. Penguin retaliated on April 1st by refusing to let Amazon carry any of its new ebook releases anymore. Amazon counterattacked by making those same books, in hardback form, that $9.99 price. Other companies had long since come to agreements with Amazon on pricing deals, but Penguin was stubborn. Eventually, Penguin too came to an agreement, and all seemed finally at peace. The peace was tenuous, however, and all knew that it would only be a matter of time.

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Apple’s iPad: Next E-reader?

4 Feb

The iPad is the latest Apple product coming to stores this April. The iPad does not have a set function like the iPhone or iPod do, which may leave some buyers wondering the purpose of the iPad. While the product will be able to play music, connect to the Internet, and use all of the applications that Apple has created over the past years as well as applications coming out specifically made for the iPad, the most interesting function is the use of the iPad as an e-reader.

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