The Bruceville Boys

In the southern McLennan County city of Bruceville, locals tell of two boys who wander the streets at night in search of mischief. The impish children died sometime during the latter half of the nineteenth century from a severe fever after being cooped up and bed-ridden for weeks. Anxious to run around and cause trouble, the spirits can be seen walking the streets during the early hours, dressed in their wool knickerbockers. When spotted, the two boys quickly disappear into the darkness, giggling as they vanish.


The legends and folktales in Cotton Bales, Goatmen & Witches: Legends from the Heart of Texas, compiled by Bradley T. Turner and accompanied by photographs from Mark Burdine, bring to life the whispered stories and forgotten secrets that illuminate the darkest recesses of the Texas psyche from the distant past to the present day.

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