The Forgotten Graves

Before the construction of the current Lake Waco, the Army Corp of Engineers surveyed old Lake Waco and discovered the raised water level would flood the crypts of the old McLennan County Cemetery. To prevent the loss of the graves, officials exhumed and reinterred the dead, primarily in Chapel Hill Memorial Park near Robinson.

Legend says several of the unmarked graves in the old McLennan County Cemetery were never identified and were then mistakenly flooded when the lake level rose in 1965. Since then, an assortment of strange ghosts has appeared along the lake’s shoreline and over the waters as the forgotten dead at the bottom of the lake look for a new resting place away from their watery graves.


The legends and folktales in Cotton Bales, Goatmen & Witches: Legends from the Heart of Texas, compiled by Bradley T. Turner and accompanied by photographs from Mark Burdine, bring to life the whispered stories and forgotten secrets that illuminate the darkest recesses of the Texas psyche from the distant past to the present day.

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