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My Library: “Books can be possessive, can’t they?”

28 Feb

Two of my bookshelves filled with well-loved books, oddities, and yarn

We’re starting a series of posts to help better introduce the TSTC Publishing team to you. Each post in this series will let them share with you the books they love most and the ones that fill their shelves. They will share their top 10 favorites and the ones they can’t stop re-reading. I hope that from this, you’ll get to know us a little better and share some of your favorites with us as well.

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Penguin vs Amazon – Book Fights Reach Libraries

20 Feb

Previously on Penguin vs. Amazon, Amazon cut prices for Penguin’s new releases of ebooks down to a discount price of $9.99. Penguin retaliated on April 1st by refusing to let Amazon carry any of its new ebook releases anymore. Amazon counterattacked by making those same books, in hardback form, that $9.99 price. Other companies had long since come to agreements with Amazon on pricing deals, but Penguin was stubborn. Eventually, Penguin too came to an agreement, and all seemed finally at peace. The peace was tenuous, however, and all knew that it would only be a matter of time.

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Book-to-Film Adaptations Disappointing

26 Sep

I often find myself reading a book and thinking, “Wow, I would love to see a movie about this book.” However, the truth is when my wish comes true, I am ultimately disappointed. The Harry Potter series is one such example (I am a huge fantasy series fan so most of my examples will come from this category; I cannot help it). I found myself going to every single one of the movies when they came out because I was helpless to their appeal, yet I knew I would walk out dissatisfied with the results.

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Meet Author Richard Fair

31 Mar

Richard F. Fair, contributor to Lust, Violence, Religion: Life in Historic Waco, grew up in Hewitt, in the Waco area. Fair’s primary interest is in Texas history, developing from an interest in stories his father would tell him about Central Texas during his childhood. His father’s stories are what led Fair to become highly interested in Waco and McLennan County.

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Conferences & Conventions: The Top 25 Things to Take When Exhibiting

22 May

As I’ve noted in the last couple of posts, we’ve been getting geared up for the last week or so to go to the NISOD convention in Austin next week. Grace and I will be doing a presentation about the publishing operation on Tuesday but, much more labor intensive, will be assembling (Sunday), manning (Sunday through Tuesday), and then then taking down (Tuesday night) the TSTC Publishing booth in the exhibit hall.

NISOD is one of our best opportunities to see people from around the TSTC System as well as make new contacts from the rest of the State and country. So, given that, you want to make sure that you’ve got everything laid out to take with you well ahead of time so as not to forget something small (or big) that’s crucial. I’ve learned the hard way from personal experience—I’m famous for leaving all my dress shirts behind hanging on the kitchen door when going out of town–to put together a detailed list of what we need to take with us.

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