Below you’ll find the top 50 posts—well, okay, 51—from December 2006 through March 2008 grouped by major topic category. Plus, by scrolling down the page you’ll be able find via the widgets to the right the current most popular posts and every post sorted by all categories as well as by month. Enjoy!

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Book Publishing Operations

A Day in the Life of a Book Publisher
Summer 2007 Production Schedule

Just the Stats, Ma’am
How Publishers Measure Success

Printers, Publishers, and Cats on a Warm Tin Roof
Budgets & Profit Sharing
Signs of the Times
Now We’re Done! Wait! Now We’re Starting (Again)!
The End (Of The Semester) Is Nigh . . . Let’s Eat!

Book Design & Production

MS Word vs. Adobe InDesign
InDesign Tips
Top 10 Proof Copy Checklist
Adobe InDesign Tips & Tricks
Answers to Questions Only a Book Designer Would Ask
CS3 Conference
Graphics Intern Tutorial #2
Meet the Book Designer: Steve Tiano
Graphics Intern Tutorial #1
One Good Intern Deserves Another

Book Editing

What Is Your Process for Copyediting & Proofreading?
Manuscript Preparation
Math . . . It’s Not Just for English Majors
How Does It All Come Together?
The Bibliophile Learns About Typography

A Big Book Worth Reading
Unclutter Clutter


Book Trailers
New Media vs. Old Marketing

Conferences & Conventions

2007 National Council for Workforce Education
2007 Texas Community College (TCCTA) Conference
2008 Texas Community College Teachers Association
2008 NACCE Conference (Day 2)

Book Publishing Industry News

Simon & Schuster Sets Up Indian Publishing Program
Textbook Prices . . . The Horror! The Horror!
Budget Constricts Publishing Company

Everything Else . . .

Free TSTC Publishing 2007-08 Calendar
Excellent Blogger Awards
Emerging Technologies: Advanced Digital Manufacturing
Elements of a Textbook Proposal
Subsidiary Rights
Meet The Publisher: Bright Sky Press
Front Matter
The Brief & Expanded Table of Contents
Shelfari & LibraryThing
Books About Writing: A Top 10 … Umm … Top 7 List
Blogs About Writing: Blog Roll
Bird’s Eye View Maps
The Smartest Guys in the Room
Movies About Publishing: Helvetica
Marshall Lee’s Bookmaking
Introducing Nathan McCoy
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