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Book Publishing: An Undead Trade

14 Oct

A ghoulish face looms toward you, pale skin surrounding sunken eyes. Tattered, torn clothing reveals rotting flesh oozing with bloodied entrails. The undead staggers forward, bits of dirt and bugs falling from its matted hair.

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From the Publisher’s Desk: Top Book Publishing Industry News 3/5-3/19/10

20 Mar

The conversation piece on my desk this week has been this coffee mug that Wes & Sheila picked up from another publisher—a venerable, long-time university press—at the TCCTA convention week before last. If I was still teaching, I could use it in class to illustrate the definition of disingenuous. I mean, c’mon people! If you’re not trying to sell books, make money, make a profit (if for no other reason than to keep your hard-working employees gainfully employed), then what are you doing in an exhibit hall trying to pick up textbook adoptions!?! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not exactly the most money-grubbing book publisher alive—I’m working on it, though—but we can all at least be honest about what we’re doing and what effects we’re hoping to achieve.

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