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Conferences & Conventions: 2008 Publishing Business Conference & Expo

11 Mar

book-expo-logo.jpgGreetings from New York as the last two days of the 2008 Publishing Business Conference & Expo have just wrapped up!

Normally I would have tried to update daily about the particular sessions I went to but, given the amount of information I took in—or, rather, am still trying to process in conjunction with the copious notes I took throughout—I’ll try to blog about the specifics over the next week or so. (Then again, to make my way to La Guardia tomorrow I’ll end up there like three hours before my flight leaves so I may get to this sooner rather than later.) There are, however, some overarching conclusions I’ve already reached.

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Publishing Word of the Day: Repurposing

20 Nov


The process by which content is reformatted for distribution via widely varied delivery systems.

(From the forthcoming TSTC Publishing Glossary.)

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