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New Intern Joins TSTC Publishing

17 May

I caught the writing bug later in life. It stems from my love of reading. As a child, my interests gravitated toward music and art. I spent hours either learning new songs on guitar or drawing and sketching on my art pad. I enjoyed playing outside and having fun with my friends, but I could be just as happy sitting for hours quietly by myself reading a book.

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Grammar Rules: Plurals an Octopus Couldn’t Handle

5 Apr

Have you ever wondered what the actual plural of octopus is? The answer? It depends. Don’t you hate that? Sometimes it is just too much to ask for a simple answer. English has never prided itself on its simplicity, and since English has been affected by many other languages as well, nothing is simple anymore.

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Grammar Rules: A Comma Conundrum

1 Feb

The Oxford Comma cartoon is posted with the permission of Eric Edelman. Copyright © by Eric Edelman. All rights reserved. More original artwork and blogging can be found at: http://blog.retrocollage.com. For permission to reproduce or re-post this artwork, please contact the artist at: RetroMan@RetroCollage.com

As we grow up, we learn many rules about grammar and punctuation. We learn about all sorts of different types of commas, like those in a list, the Oxford comma, and those breaking up clauses in a sentence. Many times we had to think hard about where to place our commas and check every rule to make sure our English teacher didn’t mark up our papers. When entering college, however, all those rules change.

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Writers Just Can’t Resist

26 Oct

Why write? Why would you want to go through the trouble and put forth the effort? For writers, it seems to be not much of a choice. They can’t resist. As author Mark Ribowsky puts it, “writing is not a profession…it’s an obsession.”

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Enjoy the Ride

10 Jan

Enjoy the ride.  Life always will have its peaks and valleys, and the key to happiness lies not in thinking about tomorrow but living for today.  I have spent endless hours of my life dreaming about the unforeseen wonders of tomorrow, and when the day comes, it never feels as vivid or glorious as my overactive imagination hyped it up to be.  I soon found that constantly yearning for each big event had blinded me to every simple pleasure that passed me by.

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Lust, Violence, Religion Author Profile: Amy Balderach

16 Apr

In her 2005 master’s degree thesis for the American Studies program at Baylor University, Amy Balderach researched and unveiled astounding information about the role prostitution played in Waco’s history. Her essay, “Waco Undressed,” is included as the second chapter in Bradley T. Turner’s book, Lust, Violence, Religion: Life in Historic Waco. The booming cotton and cattle industries in the Deep South during the post-civil war era led to the birth of an area in Waco known as The Reservation. Waco’s red-light district was housed in this two-street region.

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Blogs About Publishing: Life on Avenue Z

8 Jan

avenuezA big “thank you” goes out to Beth Ziesenis (that’s her in the photo to the left!) of Avenue Z Writing Solutions for letting me write a guest post today at her blog Life on Avenue Z. Beth is a freelance copywriter & editor out of San Diego, CA, who blogs about her newly founded career as a work-for-hire professional so, as  a kind of counterpoint, I wrote about working with freelancers from our perspective as book publishers here at TSTC Publishing. However, in all honesty, I wouldn’t rush over there to read what I had to say . . . instead, I’d suggest visiting Beth’s blog on a regular basis to get her take on the the ever hectic life of being a freelancer writer.

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Conferences & Conventions: National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship

2 Jan

tccta-logo-2.jpgToday a big “Thanks!” goes out to Scott Nelson, Communications Associate at the Texas Community College Teachers Association. Back in early December as I was looking at the TCCTA site about info on their upcoming conference I came across this post at their blog about scholarships covering registration fees at the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship conference this next week in San Antonio.

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