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New Cookbook Focuses on Pecans

16 May

Pecans are as Texasn as the Rangers and bluebonnets. In fact, the pecan tree is Texas’ state tree, and Texas is the leading U.S. producer of native pecans.

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Research Comes Alive at Forts Concho and Chadbourne

4 Nov

Of all the forts we’ve visited in the past few weeks, Forts Concho and Chadbourne were by far the best preserved. It was interesting driving into San Angelo with Publisher Mark Long navigating around the city streets with his iPhone GPS to find Fort Concho. My first thought when we came across the location was, “Well, this is different!” Continue reading

From Ghosts to Forts, Work Goes On

11 Oct

Life at TSTC Publishing is just too fun lately. Last Friday, Intern Kristine Davis, Editor Ana Wraight and I headed up to the Abilene and Albany area to tour two of the forts in the Texas Forts Trail system: Fort Phantom Hill and Fort Griffin.

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TSTC Publishing Welcomes New Intern

1 Sep

In the sixth grade, I joined my middle school’s newspaper—“The Bear Whoop Express.” It wasn’t something I wanted to do; it was something my brother wanted to do. Being the loyal little sister I was (and the shy one who just wanted the company and something to do while my parents were at work), I followed. At 11 years old, I wrote some entertainment pieces (American Idol, Season 1) and covered a school district-wide event. Never did I think journalism was what I wanted to do with my life.

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Turner Talks about Upcoming Book

24 Jun

Bradley T. Turner, the author of TSTC Publishing’s forthcoming book Lust, Violence, Religion: Life in Historic Waco, is a seventh-generation Wacoan.

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Meet Claire, TSTC Publishing’s Newest Intern

8 Jun

TSTC Publishing is welcoming another Baylor bear to its ranks. My name is Claire Moncla, and I am senior professional writing major and public relations minor from Houston, Texas. This is my second internship, and I am excited to get to know another side of the writing world.

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Strategic Publishing Initiatives: Flat World Knowledge

1 Mar

Week before last it was time for the annual Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA) Conference that was held this year in Austin, Texas. This was the third year in a row we’ve exhibited there and it was familiar yet still interesting. (Odds and ends of photos can be found here.) In the exhibit hall we visited with folks from the various TSTC colleges as well as with other people we’ve come to know from Cengage, Norton, American Technical Publishers, and Hampden.

A personal highlight was tagging along to a dinner that Thursday night with Dr. Eric Foner, historian extraordinaire, while, in a more practical sense, the most helpful (and surprising) thing that happened was my wife showing up unannounced in the exhibit hall Saturday morning with a couple of IKEA tall chairs for me and Lindsey to use. That is, if you sit in a regular chair at your booth it tends to make you look slouchy; however, standing on your feet all day is just murder. Murder! Last year we noticed that the president of ATP in the booth next to us used a tall chair—that way you’re at eye level while sitting down when people come up to the booth instead of looking like you’re working a garage sale waiting to make change in nickels for crazy people buying your junk—and we had talked about getting a couple of them; however, it took my blushing bride to actually pull the trigger on that.

Anyway, old home week, dinners, and tall chairs aside, the most interesting new thing I saw in the exhibit hall was the Flat World Knowledge booth.

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