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Transmedia Publishing: Taking Charge (3rd edition)

27 Mar

The original impetus in creating the first edition of Taking Charge: Your Education, Your Career, Your Life in 2008 was to produce a college success guide that directly linked college success skills to both professional and personal development.  That’s especially important with the increasing trend of community and technical college students entering the workforce upon graduation as opposed to immediately moving on to a four-year college. To that end, the writing and research skills of the co-authors, Karen Mitchell Smith and Katharine O’Moore-Klopf, proved to be invaluable through the first two editions of this book.

Since that first edition, however, feedback solicited from instructors around the country combined with advances in digital publishing has resulted in a dramatically revamped third edition to be published in September 2012.

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TYC Recipient of TSTC Publishing Books

25 May

(Previously published in the Taking Charge blog.)

Attending a presentation of more than 200 books from TSTC Publishing to TYC are (from left) TYC Volunteer Coordinator Katherine Davis, TSTC Publishing Marketing Manager Sheila Boggess, TSTC Publishing Sales Manager Wes Lowe, TYC Mart Unit 2 Librarian Aurelia Robertson, TSTC Publishing Publisher Mark Long, TYC Deputy Director Robin McKeever, TYC Mart Unit 2 Principal Mildred Watkins and TYC Mart Unit 2 Superintendent Curtis Simmons Jr.

TSTC Publishing, the publishing arm of Texas State Technical College (TSTC), recently presented the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) more than 200 books to the McLennan County State Juvenile Correctional Facility Unit 2 in Mart. “Taking Charge: Your Education, Your Career, Your Life is a book related to personal growth so students can see these skills are part of an integral part of the ongoing development of life,” said Publisher Mark Long. “We are delighted to present this best-selling book to a local TYC school dedicated to helping young men turn their lives around. Two of our staff members, Marketing Manager Sheila Boggess and Sales Manager Wes Lowe are involved as volunteers at the Mart facility.” The book is written by Katharine O’Moore-Klopf and Karen Mitchell Smith.

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Diversity part of TSTC Publishing’s Taking Charge

12 Feb

“If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can make the world safe for diversity.” John F. Kennedy made this statement more than 40 years ago; yet, the issue of diversity still remains a point of contention in schools and in the workplace today. Learning tolerance and respect for people from different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs is the key to cultivating a productive, harmonious environment. Meeting people from different backgrounds will broaden your worldview and acquaint you with intriguing people along the way.

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Taking Charge: Your Education, Your Career, Your Life

2 Feb

TSTC Publishing’s Taking Charge: Your Education, Your Career, Your Life works to help students achieve the most out of their college experiences in order to succeed later on in life. Right now, TSTC Publishing  is working on the second edition, adding new profiles of TSTC students and instructors. The staff also is working to customize the book for McLennan Community College, adding photographs of the campus and profiling its students and instructors.

The book starts with helping students learn how to decide what interests them in life and how to set goals in order to achieve their dreams, whether the dreams are personal, educational, or professional. The book addesses what everyone can benefit from knowing, starting with time management, handling money, personal safety and ending with critical thinking, research and communication skills, and dealing with diversity.

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Book Publishing Interns: Spring 2008 Intern Reception

21 Apr

And then, the spring 2008 semester came to end.

Yes, it’s that time of the semester when we officially wrap things up with the publishing interns reception tomorrow. (And, thanks in particular to the project management skills of Grace Arsiaga, we really are done with our book orders for the upcoming semester by the time of this intern reception.) As always, we’ve had a great bunch of interns over here from both TSTC Waco‘s ADP technology and Baylor University‘s journalism and professional writing programs.

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