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TSTC Publishing’s Newest Intern: Kristine Davis

12 Jul

Once there was a woman who desired truth above all else.  So she went on a journey to seek it out.  Boulders blocked the road when she first set out.  But she went around them.  A steep, uphill climb threatened her stamina and will to continue.  Yet still, she soldiered on.  Darkness surrounded her, bringing to the forefront all her latent fears and hidden secrets.

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What’s Yours is Mine: Ethics and Etiquette of Mobile Communication

14 Jun

Living in the information age, I have heard lectures on technology’s effect on print publication in numerous journalism and English classes.  In my classes, we debate questions like:

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Meet Claire, TSTC Publishing’s Newest Intern

8 Jun

TSTC Publishing is welcoming another Baylor bear to its ranks. My name is Claire Moncla, and I am senior professional writing major and public relations minor from Houston, Texas. This is my second internship, and I am excited to get to know another side of the writing world.

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TSTC Publishing Intern Welcomes New Opportunity

22 Jan

Whether I’m trying sushi for the first time, zip lining through the trees, working at a cosmetic counter, or studying French— one thing is certain: I absolutely love trying new things and gaining different experiences. (For example, this is my first blog posting!) Zeal for knowledge and passion for pursuing diverse interests is a common thread throughout my life and is evidenced by my academic pursuits. I became a journalism and public relations (PR) student at Baylor University because of my love for stories and for the people who make them extraordinary. Inspiring, gripping, saddening, or thought-provoking, everyone has a story to tell. A journalist’s responsibility is to tell those stories in a compelling way.

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