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“Going Green” Good for All of Us

15 Jul

“Going Green” is one of the biggest movements in the last ten to twenty years; truthfully, for some places much longer than that even. Our light bulbs take less energy than ever before. We calculate our carbon footprints. We eat organic whenever we can afford to. Plastic grocery bags are slowly giving way to reusable cloth ones. Throwing a plastic bottle in the garbage rather than recycling will get you dirty looks. I even went to a play in London one time at a carbon-neutral theatre. The world is going green.

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Forget the Scissors and Rock; It’s All About Paper

17 Jun

OK, I’m not using paper as I write this, but paper and I go way back. One of my first paper memories is the Big Chief writing tablet. Those of you old enough to remember also will recall the smell of that tablet, a smell that said “back-to-school time.”

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