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Successful conference season draws to a close

18 Jun

It’s been a few weeks since TSTC Publishing staffed its last booth of the season at the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) in Austin. Since October when I started with TSTC Publishing, I’ve helped to staff a booth at the Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA)  in Houston, Texas Library Association (TLA)  in San Antonio, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)  in Dallas and this last one in Austin. While certainly not a pro yet, I, at least, can say I’ve gained experience in using conferences to help get the word out about our books.

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TSTC Publishing Salutes Two of Its Own

4 Jun

TSTC Publishing salutes two of its staff for winning top honors. Projects Manager Grace Arsiaga won Waco’s TSTC Employee of the Year and Departmental Secretary Melanie Peterson won a 2010 NISOD Excellence Award.

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Conferences & Conventions: NISOD 2008 Wrap-Up

30 May

And, what a week—or at least half a week—it was at NISOD! I had planned to post updates daily but by the end of each day I was ready to hurl myself onto the bed in my hotel room, prop up my throbbing feet, and get caught up on the latest “must-see” (yes, that’s the ironic use of quotation marks) cable television shows given that at home we’re still happily chugging along with rabbit ears and 5-6 channels. (Even though it’s been on TV for a while, this was the first time I’d ever seen Bridezillas, which was certainly a spectacle of sorts in its own right.) Anyway, highlights of this year’s NISOD convention included:

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Conferences & Conventions: The Top 25 Things to Take When Exhibiting

22 May

As I’ve noted in the last couple of posts, we’ve been getting geared up for the last week or so to go to the NISOD convention in Austin next week. Grace and I will be doing a presentation about the publishing operation on Tuesday but, much more labor intensive, will be assembling (Sunday), manning (Sunday through Tuesday), and then then taking down (Tuesday night) the TSTC Publishing booth in the exhibit hall.

NISOD is one of our best opportunities to see people from around the TSTC System as well as make new contacts from the rest of the State and country. So, given that, you want to make sure that you’ve got everything laid out to take with you well ahead of time so as not to forget something small (or big) that’s crucial. I’ve learned the hard way from personal experience—I’m famous for leaving all my dress shirts behind hanging on the kitchen door when going out of town–to put together a detailed list of what we need to take with us.

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Conferences & Conventions: Start Your NISOD 2008 Engines!

20 May

So, next week is the annual National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development conference in Austin. (You can download a PDF of the program here.) Special thanks are due to our work study Carmen Rangel who designed a 6×9 postcard to promote the session Grace and I will be presenting at on Tuesday, May 27, about our publishing operation. (If you click on the thumbnail at the top of this post you can see a larger version of front of it.) This makes the fourth year in a row I’ve attended and I have to admit that I always look forward to it.

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Free Publishing Gear: 2008-09 TSTC Publishing Calendar

19 May

It’s that time of the year again—especially with the yearly NISOD convention approaching next week—that we have once again received our new 15-month poster calendars from the print shop. Each year a different graphics intern designs our calendar and this time around it was very skillfully done by Ashley Stovall, one of several outstanding interns we had during the spring semester 2008. (People often ask why the calendar runs from June of one year through August of the next . . . that’s because, as textbook publishers, we want it to cover a full academic year plus some.) Ashley’s schedule did not allow her to come back this summer for a second semester internship but we certainly hope to get her back in the future.

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