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Web-Based Applications: Issuu

14 Mar

issuu-logo1One of the things that we’ve been looking for lately is a good online book previewer to integrate into the individual product pages at our e-commerce site (as well as using elsewhere as applicable). The first good application I remember coming across like this was Amazon.com’s system. Another one is used by National Academies Press. Both these systems, though, are proprietary and what we needed was a system that was robust enough for our purposes and, because we don’t have tons of money for a new stand-alone application or one off the shelf, at the right price.

Thankfully, I think we’ve finally found what we’re looking for with Issuu.

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Publishing Conferences: The Changing Landscape of Scholarly Communication in the Digital Age 2009

12 Feb

apccWhoosh. What a day: five sessions in a row at The Changing Landscape of Scholarly Communication in the Digital Age at the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center next to the George Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M. Overall, though, it was a good day.

First thing this morning I tried to get a wireless connection at the conference center but when that didn’t work I struck up a conversation with a guy sitting in the lobby next to me. Typically, I can contentedly stand in a corner all day at the periphery of a crowd with some kind of dour look on my face that is inherently uninviting so in the interest of “networking”—that is, as I call it, “schmoozing” and/or, as my wife refers to it, “being sociable”—I did my best to break out of that mode.

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