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My Personal Library: If the subject is too large for adult fiction, write it for children

17 Apr

In this newest installment about the personal libraries of TSTC Publishing staff, marketing intern Emilly Martinez discusses children’s literature, young adult fiction and postmodern books.

“There are some themes, some subjects, too large for adult fiction; they can only be dealt with adequately in a children’s book.”
― Philip Pullman

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My Library: “Books can be possessive, can’t they?”

28 Feb

Two of my bookshelves filled with well-loved books, oddities, and yarn

We’re starting a series of posts to help better introduce the TSTC Publishing team to you. Each post in this series will let them share with you the books they love most and the ones that fill their shelves. They will share their top 10 favorites and the ones they can’t stop re-reading. I hope that from this, you’ll get to know us a little better and share some of your favorites with us as well.

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Literature-Map: Navigating Books

29 Jul

At the start of 2011, I made a goal: I promised myself I would read 100 books this year. A couple of months later, I downsized that to 50. I’m thinking of shrinking that further to maybe 30. So far, I’ve successfully completed 15, and the year is nearly halfway over.

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