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Introducing Our New Intern: Amanda

14 May

For so many years, I thought I would be an English teacher –a teacher who would show students the wonderful universe of the written word and all the amazing adventures that it encompasses. I never dreamed  the desire to teach would slowly fade and become other desires.

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TSTC Publishing Introduces Second Baylor Intern

9 Jun

My name is Jacqui Atchison, and I’m a Baylor intern working at TSTC Publishing for the summer. I come from the far corner of the world called the Pacific Northwest, otherwise known as Washington State. Contrary to popular belief, it is not constantly overcast and rainy; only about one fourth of the state actually is. The rest of the state, what we affectionately call the middle of nowhere, is all desert and farmland, where wine-tasting is a hobby, and the smell of cows doesn’t wrinkle any noses. Continue reading

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