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Book gets double-takes at TCCTA conference

10 Mar

A book that promises lust, violence and religion within its covers had some doing double-takes at TSTC Publishing’s exhibit booth at the recent Texas Community College Teachers Association conference in Houston.

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Book Publishing Operations: How Texbooks Are Sold

1 Aug

Once upon a time, I had this dream that all you had to do to sell a book was to publish a good book; you know, that kind of Field of Dreams “if you build it, they will come” idea. This approach is alternately known as “an excellent way to sell absolutely nothing at all no matter what or how great your product may be.” And the only people who like that method of non-sales less than the authors of books are the publishers of those books.

So, to get our sales up to where they need to be, that’s why we got Lindsey Springer in here to coordinate these efforts. But, textbook sales are a completely different beast than trades sales, especially in terms of how the yearly calendar works. So, to get her started on the right track, we brought in a consultant for a day to get down to the real nuts & bolts of making those big adoption sales. Sure, having been a faculty member for 10 or so years, I had a pretty good idea of how all this works—I mean, after all, we have been selling textbooks for the last three years—but seeing all this from the selling end is distinctly different than from that of the instructor’s perspective.

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Book Projects: What Makes A Good Textbook Supplemental Resource Guide for Instructors?

9 May

I will tell myself three times: not everyone is like me (and for good reason).

Now, yes, sure, there are plenty of ways in which this is true (and all for the better because of it), but I’m referring in general to the hows and whys in which instructors use textbooks in their classes and, more particularly, the supplemental resource guides that come with them. After all, we publish textbooks; we want them adopted; and those ancillary instructor resources are one of the key elements to having that happen. This is a fact I’m having to come to grips with despite my own contrary experience as a college English teacher for ten years.

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