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TSTC Publishing Launches Kickstarter Campaign

3 Nov

Skeletal specters. A red-eyed wild man. Devilish witches. Ghost stories abound in almost every town. Texas towns, it seems, are no exception. These are the stories that make up TSTC Publishing’s latest book, Cotton Bales, Goatmen & Witches: Legends from the Heart of Texas. Bradley T. Turner compiled the stories with photographs by Mark Burdine. The book, set for a Nov. 22 release, is part of the Kickstarter project, a new form of online fundraising.

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October Calls for Creepy Reading

10 Oct

There’s a chill in the air again, a little tingle of anticipation. This is the one month of the year we look forward to being spooked. We wear fantastic costumes and don new personas, if just for a night. It’s October.

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