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Blogs About Publishing: Why Should Publishers Blog?

26 Jun

By its own admission, the Booksquare blog’s mission is “dissecting the publishing industry with love and skepticism.” Exactly along those lines is a recent post by Kassia Kroszer called “Why Publishers Should Blog.” In it she talks about the lack of personality in general and even greater lack of enthusiasm in particular when it comes to publishers talking about the books in their own list. She goes on to point out that with all of the social networking and Web 2.0 resources available to authors, fans, book reviewers, and the like, why is it that publishers themselves are strangely silent in the ongoing (and ever-growing) conversations about their own titles? And, even more importantly, what’s to be lost–as opposed to everything to be gained–by directly showing “the enthusiasm that propelled the acquisition of a book and the subsequent investment in getting it to readers.”

But, as I noted in a comment to her post, the answer as to “why not?” may actually be quite simple.

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