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Book Publishers Wed Writers to Readers

23 Sep

There is a lot to be said about readers. Those who persist in an understated medium, an art form that may appear to be losing a battle with the distractions of electronic amusement. It is a comforting image: a young person curled up in a chair by the window, sunlight streaming in and illuminating the pages of the book clutched in eager hands. The image celebrates those whose imaginations are still active enough to be able to derive pleasure from words woven to educate, to provoke, or to entertain. That said, I have discovered a new appreciation for those who make books. While I highly uphold writers on a pedestal, people possessing a gift and a passion for stringing together words and birthing new ideas, new worlds, new people; I am speaking instead about book producers. As an intern, my new-found admiration is for book publishers.

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Books About Publishing: Marshall Lee’s Bookmaking

29 Nov

lee-bookmaking-cover-2.jpgOff and on for a while now at lunch I’ve been plowing along through Marshall Lee’s Bookmaking: Editing, Design, Production, Third Edition, an excellent overview of the mechanics of book publishing that would be a good textbook for any college-level intro class about the industry. For anyone already involved in publishing much of the information will be familiar, but I think anyone will find nuggets of interest in it.

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Book Publishing Operations: Signs of the Times

2 Nov

office-door.jpgYesterday I came back from lunch—sitting in my car in the parking lot behind Starbucks reading Bookmaking: Editing, Design, Production, Third Edition and listening to the gospel stylings of The Louvin Brothers—and came across a pleasant surprise. First, though, a little background. This white door to the left is what you used to see when looking for our office.

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Books About Publishing: The Life and Times of Allen Lane

30 Oct

It’s turning out to be a blogging kind of Tuesday morning because now that I’m in the midst of the 2½ hour flight from Savannah to Houston I thought I’d go ahead and give my take on The Life and Times of Allen Lane (Penguin Special) of which I finished my leisurely read this past week. Allen Lane was a British publisher who founded Penguin Books in 1935 and basically created the paperback book market there in and amongst other adventures like being sued for obscenity when he published the first unexpurgated British edition of D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

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