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Blogs About Publishing: Excellent Blogger Award

20 Feb

excellentblog.jpgMany thanks are due to Lori Cates Hand (of the Publishing Careers blog) who graciously presented us with an Excellent Blogger Award earlier today. Lori is a 17-year-veteran of book publishing whose blog aims, in her own words, be an “online ‘informational interview’ for college students, new graduates, and career changers interested in knowing what a job in publishing is like and how they can get one.” For anyone interested in publishing (or who is in publishing already) it’s a good read that I can highly recommend.

One of the duties, however, when receiving the Excellent Blogger Award, is to award it to 10 other bloggers to whom you feel it should be rightfully bestowed. So, in no particular order, these are the 10 best blogs about publishing that I think not only deserve the Excellent Blogger Award but should be read on a regular basis as well.

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