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Introducing April, TSTC Summer Intern

31 May

When I was fifteen, I found a love to write. At first, what I wrote did not really matter. A few strokes of a pen on a sheet of paper started as a form of relief from the stresses of high school and teenage drama, but later, it developed into an art. I wrote a lot of things, but stories became my prime focus, with genres pertaining to fiction/fantasy and some horror/suspense. After two years, I set my mind on what I wanted to be – an author.

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A Whole New World

26 Aug

Stori Long

If my life were a musical, as I often like to believe it is, right now I would be delighting those around me with a wonderful rendition of “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin. In fact, that song could serve as the theme for my junior year at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and now the beginning of my senior year.

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Meet the Author Mark Firmin

29 Jun

What is a book? Is it a written work of art? Is it an idea or a story caught in ink—pressed into paper? Is it a compilation of words or a collection of pages?  Mark Firmin, one of the authors of Lust, Violence, Religion: Life in Historic Waco, has a different definition.

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TSTC Publishing Introduces Second Baylor Intern

9 Jun

My name is Jacqui Atchison, and I’m a Baylor intern working at TSTC Publishing for the summer. I come from the far corner of the world called the Pacific Northwest, otherwise known as Washington State. Contrary to popular belief, it is not constantly overcast and rainy; only about one fourth of the state actually is. The rest of the state, what we affectionately call the middle of nowhere, is all desert and farmland, where wine-tasting is a hobby, and the smell of cows doesn’t wrinkle any noses. Continue reading

How Book Projects Happen: Lust, Violence, Religion

18 Feb

Lately it’s been up to our editorial/marketing interns to produce a steady flow of blog posts, but I thought that I’d like to start getting back into the mix of things here as well. In particular, we have some interesting new projects in the works and, given that each came to us via a different scenario, I’ll be talking about the acquistion of each in a series of upcoming posts.  First up is Brad Turner’s Lust, Violence, Religion: Life in Historic Waco project that will be one of our high-profile releases this coming fall.

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Conferences & Conventions: NISOD 2008 Wrap-Up

30 May

And, what a week—or at least half a week—it was at NISOD! I had planned to post updates daily but by the end of each day I was ready to hurl myself onto the bed in my hotel room, prop up my throbbing feet, and get caught up on the latest “must-see” (yes, that’s the ironic use of quotation marks) cable television shows given that at home we’re still happily chugging along with rabbit ears and 5-6 channels. (Even though it’s been on TV for a while, this was the first time I’d ever seen Bridezillas, which was certainly a spectacle of sorts in its own right.) Anyway, highlights of this year’s NISOD convention included:

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Book Publishing Interns: Spring 2008 Intern Reception

21 Apr

And then, the spring 2008 semester came to end.

Yes, it’s that time of the semester when we officially wrap things up with the publishing interns reception tomorrow. (And, thanks in particular to the project management skills of Grace Arsiaga, we really are done with our book orders for the upcoming semester by the time of this intern reception.) As always, we’ve had a great bunch of interns over here from both TSTC Waco‘s ADP technology and Baylor University‘s journalism and professional writing programs.

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