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Introducing April, TSTC Summer Intern

31 May

When I was fifteen, I found a love to write. At first, what I wrote did not really matter. A few strokes of a pen on a sheet of paper started as a form of relief from the stresses of high school and teenage drama, but later, it developed into an art. I wrote a lot of things, but stories became my prime focus, with genres pertaining to fiction/fantasy and some horror/suspense. After two years, I set my mind on what I wanted to be – an author.

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New Intern Joins TSTC Publishing

17 May

I caught the writing bug later in life. It stems from my love of reading. As a child, my interests gravitated toward music and art. I spent hours either learning new songs on guitar or drawing and sketching on my art pad. I enjoyed playing outside and having fun with my friends, but I could be just as happy sitting for hours quietly by myself reading a book.

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TSTC Publishing Welcomes Marketing Intern

13 Jan

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”

— C.S. Lewis

Reading always has been one of my greatest pleasures. More often than not, I find myself in a crowded room of chatting people, completely lost in a book and ignorant to almost all ongoing conversation. It is always in these moments I can expect to be asked what I am reading and for my cheeks to redden, as my response lets everyone know I am obsessed with children’s literature.

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Introducing Our New Intern: Brian Tucker

11 Jan

I’ve never had any questions about my life. It was always a straight path, guided by my parents that never deviated. I knew from a young age I would be attending Baylor University, just as my sister had. I also knew I was in love with stories.

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Busy, busy, busy but fun, fun, fun

9 Dec

As the busy holiday season descends upon us, I breathe deeply and sigh, “If only we had a week that all we did was catch up!”

Oops! I just remembered one more thing I should have done three days ago. That was Tuesday, though, and Editor Ana Wraight and I were busy critiquing portfolios of advanced public relations students at Baylor University. This was Ana’s first time and my fourth or fifth time to accept Dr. Cassy Burleson’s invitation to critique professional portfolios. Continue reading

Learning Today Will Last a Lifetime

30 Sep

Traci Marlin (left) and Sheila Boggess speak to Baylor students.

It doesn’t seem so long ago I sat in News 101 at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. What I learned there, though, is still sticking after all these years. Those daily tests over The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook helped prepare me for many things.

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TSTC Publishing Welcomes New Intern

1 Sep

In the sixth grade, I joined my middle school’s newspaper—“The Bear Whoop Express.” It wasn’t something I wanted to do; it was something my brother wanted to do. Being the loyal little sister I was (and the shy one who just wanted the company and something to do while my parents were at work), I followed. At 11 years old, I wrote some entertainment pieces (American Idol, Season 1) and covered a school district-wide event. Never did I think journalism was what I wanted to do with my life.

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