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Saving the Most Exciting for Last: Richardson and Belknap

14 Nov

Fort Richardson

Intern Kristine Davis with Character Actor in Costume

The last fort trip to Richardson and Belknap just might have been the most exciting of the four excursions. After a wrong turn down a curvy road and a stop to take care of carsickness related to said road, we arrived at Fort Richardson.

The sedate entrance gave little indication of the fun that was to come. After receiving our parking sticker, we pulled around to the main parking lot into… Continue reading

Netflix Executive’s Apology Lacking

23 Sep

Netflix executives and marketers should have done a little more homework before dividing the Netflix company into two businesses. Netflix will remain as the company’s streaming entity, and Qwikster is the new name for the DVD-by-mail service.

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Forget the Scissors and Rock; It’s All About Paper

17 Jun

OK, I’m not using paper as I write this, but paper and I go way back. One of my first paper memories is the Big Chief writing tablet. Those of you old enough to remember also will recall the smell of that tablet, a smell that said “back-to-school time.”

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Enjoy the Ride

10 Jan

Enjoy the ride.  Life always will have its peaks and valleys, and the key to happiness lies not in thinking about tomorrow but living for today.  I have spent endless hours of my life dreaming about the unforeseen wonders of tomorrow, and when the day comes, it never feels as vivid or glorious as my overactive imagination hyped it up to be.  I soon found that constantly yearning for each big event had blinded me to every simple pleasure that passed me by.

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Second Baylor Intern Joins TSTC Publishing

9 Sep

The name’s Wilson, Dannyele Wilson and above all else, I love to eat. A true testament to the validity of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, my first thought upon waking up is the same every morning. “What am I going to eat today?” The hours following my yearning for sustenance are usually filled with joyful endeavors, including completing my studies as a public relations major at Baylor University and indulging in the pleasures of whatever I decided to eat that morning.

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Growing up reading, reading, reading

20 Aug

Reading is reading is reading. As long as you’re reading, that’s what counts, right? In my own world, I remember growing up with books. My parents weren’t college-educated, but they loved reading and that love naturally passed to their six children, well, most of us.

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Literary Reviews- Old School vs. New School

27 Jul

Well, it was bound to happen. Book reviews have now moved online as book bloggers fill the gap left by increasingly limited print reviews. Many publishing companies are very supportive of these book bloggers, most of whom work for free simply for the love of spreading the word about good books.

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