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Grammar Rules: A Comma Conundrum

1 Feb

The Oxford Comma cartoon is posted with the permission of Eric Edelman. Copyright © by Eric Edelman. All rights reserved. More original artwork and blogging can be found at: For permission to reproduce or re-post this artwork, please contact the artist at:

As we grow up, we learn many rules about grammar and punctuation. We learn about all sorts of different types of commas, like those in a list, the Oxford comma, and those breaking up clauses in a sentence. Many times we had to think hard about where to place our commas and check every rule to make sure our English teacher didn’t mark up our papers. When entering college, however, all those rules change.

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Style Guidelines: Staying in Style

6 Sep

Should I follow AP, Chicago, APA, or MLA? Should I use the serial comma? En-dash, Em-dash, or hyphen? Should I format the text with block paragraphs or indented? Is cellphone one word now? Times New Roman, Arial, or Comic Sans?

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English Language A Trip

15 Jun

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a difficult time keeping up with the ever-evolving English language. Words are shortening down to almost indecipherable acronyms. Sometimes while reading text messages, I feel like I need a translator. IYKWIM (if you know what I mean), then you’re ahead of the curve. Spellings are altering left and right, and chat-speak is now entering the dictionaries. Is meh really a word? Oxford dictionary has that one. Sentence and grammatical structures change too regularly to keep up. Did you know Google is now a verb? That’s in the Oxford Dictionary now, too.

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Almost There

24 Jan

I remember knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up when I was sitting in Mrs. Ponder’s seventh- grade English class. We were working on revising papers we had been writing for weeks, the subject of which I can’t recall anymore, when she called me up to her desk. “Oh no, I’m in trouble,” I thought. As I nervously made my way to her and sat down, she took off her glasses and folded her hands on her desk and said, “Audrey, you are a wonderful writer.” After discussing my paper for a few minutes, she asked me if I had any idea of what I wanted to do with my life and I replied, “I want to be a journalist.”

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Enjoy the Ride

10 Jan

Enjoy the ride.  Life always will have its peaks and valleys, and the key to happiness lies not in thinking about tomorrow but living for today.  I have spent endless hours of my life dreaming about the unforeseen wonders of tomorrow, and when the day comes, it never feels as vivid or glorious as my overactive imagination hyped it up to be.  I soon found that constantly yearning for each big event had blinded me to every simple pleasure that passed me by.

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Meet Claire, TSTC Publishing’s Newest Intern

8 Jun

TSTC Publishing is welcoming another Baylor bear to its ranks. My name is Claire Moncla, and I am senior professional writing major and public relations minor from Houston, Texas. This is my second internship, and I am excited to get to know another side of the writing world.

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Lust, Violence, Religion Author Profile: Andrea Turner

19 Mar

Like her husband, Bradley T. Turner, who wrote and compiled essays for TSTC Publishing’s forthcoming book, Lust, Violence, Religion: Life in Historic Waco, Andrea Turner is a Waco native with a penchant for the town’s rich history and colorful past. She co-wrote and researched “Lord Have Mercy: The Horrific Tornado of 1953” in the book.

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