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Web 2.0 Social Networking: The Texas RV Professor Rides the Twitter Wave

6 Mar

cooper_headshot_resizedI’ll be the first to admit that personally I’m a pretty slow adopter of new technologies. I finally broke down and bought a cell phone barely two years ago (if it was even that far back). Until last year ago I still had my $9.95 a month dial-up Internet service. I’ve yet to hold a Kindle, much less read a book on one. A big part of it is that it’s hard to tell exactly what the Next Big Thing is vs. just the Next Big Hype and what’s worth your time vs. just being a waste of time. Plus, when talking about tech gadgets or Web-based applications, you have the tech geeks who love anything as long as it’s the absolutely newest thing around however impractical, convoluted, and/or nonsensical it may be. (In fact, they’ll love it all the more for being exactly those things.) Then you have your average (that is, normal) person who likes new applications/gadgets that are both simple and powerful.

Falling into this latter category, I will happily admit, is Twitter, which we got one of our authors, Terry Cooper (better known as The Texas RV Professor), set up on this week.

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Free DVD: Proper Propane Use on RVs, Parts 1 & 2

16 Dec

freerv-dvdIt’s marketing! It’s the presell! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, wait . . . it’s the free DVD from the The Texas RV Professor (otherwise known as Terry Cooper, TSTC RV maintenance program instructor) about proper propane use on RVs . . . and not just one part, but TWO! (Some of you may remember Terry from the absolutely hilarious “Thirsty Guy” video he and his partner Bruce Carbonara did that I posted here last August.)

Anyway, more pertinent info includes:

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