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9/11 Stories Still Pull and Tug a Decade Later

9 Sep

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 nears, I, like many others, think back to that fateful day. I had worked late the day before overseeing the second of five 20-page special sections for our newspaper’s 100th anniversary celebration edition.

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Comparisons of E-readers

22 Jun

Previously I talked about whether or not buying an e-reader would even be worthwhile, so today I thought I would compare the different e-readers.

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E-reader, Here to Stay or Gone Tomorrow?

15 Jun

If you have stepped into a Barnes & Nobles lately, you would have noticed all the advertisements about the Barnes & Nobles e-reader, the Nook. It’s impossible not to notice since the booth is set up directly in front of the doors with a salesclerk holding one of the Nooks up in your face. And who hasn’t heard of the Kindle or the iPad? I always have been curious about these new e-readers. Would it really be more convenient for reading? Would it hurt my eyes over time? And then, if these answers were encouraging…is it going to be worth the cost?

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From the Publisher’s Desk: The Semi-Latest Book Publishing Industry News, 4/3/10

3 Apr

So this Saturday finds me up at the office with the blinds shut on my window while getting caught up on a variety of things that I didn’t get done during this four-day week that had a two-day trip out to Abilene wedged into it to discuss all things wind energy: approving pending requisitions, sending out belated emails, and closing out weekly reports. Plus, to top it all off, with all the running around, I didn’t even remotely have time to watch over my rss feeds like I normally would so that’s why this is the semi-latest publishing news as it comes from the week of March 22-26. On the other hand, this week’s news has been dominated by all things iPad and until I actually get to play around with one, I’ll try to stay out of that discussion.

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Meet Author Richard Fair

31 Mar

Richard F. Fair, contributor to Lust, Violence, Religion: Life in Historic Waco, grew up in Hewitt, in the Waco area. Fair’s primary interest is in Texas history, developing from an interest in stories his father would tell him about Central Texas during his childhood. His father’s stories are what led Fair to become highly interested in Waco and McLennan County.

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No Money for Books? No Problem!

2 Mar

No money for actual books? There are multiple sources that can help overcome that obstacle, without having to deal with finding a library that has a specific book available, and it can be done from the comfort of the home. There are a couple Web sites that allow readers to exchange books for books, as well as sites that have books accessible online.

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Taking Charge: Your Education, Your Career, Your Life

2 Feb

TSTC Publishing’s Taking Charge: Your Education, Your Career, Your Life works to help students achieve the most out of their college experiences in order to succeed later on in life. Right now, TSTC Publishing  is working on the second edition, adding new profiles of TSTC students and instructors. The staff also is working to customize the book for McLennan Community College, adding photographs of the campus and profiling its students and instructors.

The book starts with helping students learn how to decide what interests them in life and how to set goals in order to achieve their dreams, whether the dreams are personal, educational, or professional. The book addesses what everyone can benefit from knowing, starting with time management, handling money, personal safety and ending with critical thinking, research and communication skills, and dealing with diversity.

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