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TSTC Publishing Welcomes New Project Manager

3 Sep

TSTC Publishing has added yet another new face to its ranks, Stacie Buterbaugh.  Stacie is the new project manager for the company and brings a great deal of experience and hard work to the table.  She replaces Grace Arsiaga, who recently left to return to school full-time.

Stacie originally hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but she left her hometown at the age of 19 for Waco, Texas.

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Book Publishing Personnel: Lindsey Springer, Sales & Marketing

6 Jul

Blogging will be light the next couple of weeks as I’ll be out of the office until July 16th. (Not that blogging isn’t always relatively light as I seem to be forever battling to average just one post a week. The Joe Wikerts of the world who can be as high up the food chain as they are and still blog as much as they do will never cease to amaze me.) Anyway, it’s time for the annual pilgrimage to the beach to gain some perspective on the size of the world (and the relative insignificance of any one individual) by staring at the ocean for days on end.

Before leaving, however, I did want to welcome the newest member of the TSTC Publishing team: Lindsey Springer.

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Book Publishing Personnel: DPCG, PUED and PMAN, Oh My!

5 May

Today is a time of great anticipation as we are putting the final touches on everything for our two-day site visit from the publishing consultant that kicks off at nine tomorrow morning. There is, however, some other personnel-related news to report as Grace Arsiaga—originally hired at as a desktop publisher/computer graphics specialist (DPCG)—has been recategorized as a project manager (PMAN) to oversee both book development and production. (Given that, we’re probably not going to fill our vacant publishing editor (PUED) position any time soon, if ever.) This wasn’t just a title change for Grace, however, as it also entails revamping the overall workflow in the office.

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