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Enjoy the Ride

10 Jan

Enjoy the ride.  Life always will have its peaks and valleys, and the key to happiness lies not in thinking about tomorrow but living for today.  I have spent endless hours of my life dreaming about the unforeseen wonders of tomorrow, and when the day comes, it never feels as vivid or glorious as my overactive imagination hyped it up to be.  I soon found that constantly yearning for each big event had blinded me to every simple pleasure that passed me by.

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Book Publishing: An Undead Trade

14 Oct

A ghoulish face looms toward you, pale skin surrounding sunken eyes. Tattered, torn clothing reveals rotting flesh oozing with bloodied entrails. The undead staggers forward, bits of dirt and bugs falling from its matted hair.

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Meet Author Richard Fair

31 Mar

Richard F. Fair, contributor to Lust, Violence, Religion: Life in Historic Waco, grew up in Hewitt, in the Waco area. Fair’s primary interest is in Texas history, developing from an interest in stories his father would tell him about Central Texas during his childhood. His father’s stories are what led Fair to become highly interested in Waco and McLennan County.

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What’s New at TSTC Publishing

11 Feb

What’s up at TSTC Publishing?

Well, for one thing, the publishing arm of Texas State Technical College just moved to new offices in Patterson Hall. Since a skunk had staked out the foundation space in our former offices, we welcomed the move to new bright cheery offices on the first floor of Patterson.

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TSTC Publishing Welcomes Baylor Intern

19 Jan

TSTC Publishing has taken me on as an intern for the spring semester. My name is Shayla Crane and I am a senior at Baylor University where I am studying English with a minor in Creative Writing. My ideal job is to become an author, primarily in the genre of teen fantasy or science fiction. However, the completion of that dream is really far away at the moment. Until I can achieve that dream, I have decided to seek a career in book publishing.

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TSTC Publishing Welcomes New Sales Manager

19 Jan

Wes Lowe started January 4 at TSTC Publishing as the new sales manager. He said he is very excited to be a part of the team at Texas State Technical College (TSTC) even though his first assignment was helping his new co-workers move to new offices. “Wes showed up on the first day in nice work clothes,” said Publisher Mark Long. “We told him to go change and come back and help us move.” TSTC Publishing is now in Room 104 in Patterson Hall.

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Learning to Blog After 30 Years of Writing

9 Nov

As the new Marketing Manager at TSTC Publishing, I understand the need to use the latest technology to reach the masses. I embraced e-mail, desktop publishing (or pagination in newspaper circles), and love Facebook so why am I so reluctant to blog?

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