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Headed for the Top

2 Mar

Jeffrey Head, a double major in Advertising Design Print and Digital Media Communication at Texas State Technical College in Waco, wants his work to influence the masses.  Billboards are his game, and his knowledge of Photoshop, flash, and graphic design will help him reach his dream.  Working as a graphic design intern for TSTC Publishing, Jeffrey has a head start to achieve his goals.

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Book Publishing: An Undead Trade

14 Oct

A ghoulish face looms toward you, pale skin surrounding sunken eyes. Tattered, torn clothing reveals rotting flesh oozing with bloodied entrails. The undead staggers forward, bits of dirt and bugs falling from its matted hair.

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Two Graphics Interns Ready to Make Their Mark

28 Sep

TSTC Publishing expands its staff with two promising new graphic design interns, Janet McKelvy and Michael Garrett.

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Meet TSTC Publishing’s Design Interns

2 Jul

Creativity is a theme this summer with TSTC Publishing’s design interns. “The graphic design interns we have this summer come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, but all share a passion for design and a strong work ethic that is vital in today’s job market,” said Projects Manager Grace Arsiaga. “We have had interns working in the office since 2004, when the office first opened, and they are a great asset to the company.”

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Pro Bono Work: Waco Cultural Arts Fest 2008

17 Sep

I have to admit that before I moved to Waco eight years ago I had never really spent any significant amount of time here. Sure, I had passed through plenty of times on I-35 heading north to the Dallas-Fort Worth area or south down to Austin. However, with the exception of spending a couple of nights for a pop culture conference in the mid ’90s, I’d never done much more than stop to get some gas.

Consequently, I had this idea Waco was a small city with all that implies: a full-fledged local music scene, more than enough used bookstores and independent record stores to choose from, some sort of Alamo Drafthouse or reasonable knockoff, and other related things/places/activities. You know, that stuff you get used after going to college in Austin—the best eight years of my life! <g>—and Denton, Texas.

Well, I was just a skosh off base in my thinking. In many ways, Waco is more of a big small town than a small city. This can certainly be a plus as the cost of living is relatively low and it’s pretty easy to get around town in terms of both size and amount of traffic. But, in terms of a lot of the ancillary activities I was hoping for, that hasn’t really panned out like I expected.

Happily, though, the Waco Cultural Arts Fest is a pleasant exception to all this.

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Book Publishing Personnel: DPCG, PUED and PMAN, Oh My!

5 May

Today is a time of great anticipation as we are putting the final touches on everything for our two-day site visit from the publishing consultant that kicks off at nine tomorrow morning. There is, however, some other personnel-related news to report as Grace Arsiaga—originally hired at as a desktop publisher/computer graphics specialist (DPCG)—has been recategorized as a project manager (PMAN) to oversee both book development and production. (Given that, we’re probably not going to fill our vacant publishing editor (PUED) position any time soon, if ever.) This wasn’t just a title change for Grace, however, as it also entails revamping the overall workflow in the office.

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Book Publishing Interns: Spring 2008 Intern Reception

21 Apr

And then, the spring 2008 semester came to end.

Yes, it’s that time of the semester when we officially wrap things up with the publishing interns reception tomorrow. (And, thanks in particular to the project management skills of Grace Arsiaga, we really are done with our book orders for the upcoming semester by the time of this intern reception.) As always, we’ve had a great bunch of interns over here from both TSTC Waco‘s ADP technology and Baylor University‘s journalism and professional writing programs.

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