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Try Submishmash for Collecting Submissions

19 Sep

Have you ever tried to hassle with documents attached to emails? In publishing, it can be an absolute nightmare. One manuscript may come as one document, while another may come as five or six. And, just forget collecting recipes for that new cookbook. Things are constantly getting lost or “archiving” themselves.

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Introducing Our New Editorial Intern: Elisabeth Marrs

16 Sep

I started talking at the age of two, and my parents say I haven’t stopped since. Language always came more easily to me than my younger brother. Dear Matt, bless his heart, must have missed the grammar boat at some point in his childhood. I, on the other hand, was all about writing and reading anything within my grasp. I remember I wrote a tiny story for my dad on Father’s Day when I was just eight years old. It was clearly not the best piece of writing he had ever read, and granted it was about fishing out of an umbrella, yet I was still so proud to be giving him something I wrote all on my own. From then on I was sold. It was writing for me.

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Style Guidelines: Staying in Style

6 Sep

Should I follow AP, Chicago, APA, or MLA? Should I use the serial comma? En-dash, Em-dash, or hyphen? Should I format the text with block paragraphs or indented? Is cellphone one word now? Times New Roman, Arial, or Comic Sans?

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Break Into Publishing

22 Jul

I remember sitting in my apartment, senior year at TCU drawing to a close, and thinking, “Where do I go from here?” I had few plans at this point, though I had applied to countless companies. I had no job offers as yet, and I didn’t know where I was going or what direction to look.

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Try Some Style On for Size

24 Jun

Most people would not characterize The Chicago Manual of Style as a source for some fun. In fact, trying to navigate the pages can be quite daunting, even to editors. One of the great features for the manual online that will not only help you with grammatical questions but give you a good laugh occasionally is the “Chicago Style Q&A” section. In honor of Friday and the need to laugh at least once a day, I decided to round up a few of my favorites.

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English Language A Trip

15 Jun

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a difficult time keeping up with the ever-evolving English language. Words are shortening down to almost indecipherable acronyms. Sometimes while reading text messages, I feel like I need a translator. IYKWIM (if you know what I mean), then you’re ahead of the curve. Spellings are altering left and right, and chat-speak is now entering the dictionaries. Is meh really a word? Oxford dictionary has that one. Sentence and grammatical structures change too regularly to keep up. Did you know Google is now a verb? That’s in the Oxford Dictionary now, too.

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The Magic of Books

2 Jun

Books are magic. I always have believed that in some form or fashion. As a little girl, I was convinced books just magically appeared at the stores, like candy and pasta. I wasn’t sure how they got there; maybe a large, studious stork carried them. It didn’t really matter how they got to the store, it mattered that they got to me. I decided very early on I wanted to be forever surrounded by books. I dreamed of owning the elaborate library in Beauty and the Beast, and I still dream that to this day. Of course, this was all before I actually could read.

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From Start to Finish: First-Time Author Celebrates Success of The RV Centennial Cookbook

18 Mar

What a miraculous idea. Travel across the country in a vehicle reminiscent of a home?  The American people have been doing just that since 1910 in recreation vehicles of all different sizes. The year 2010 marked a century of RVing, and the occasion didn’t go unnoticed. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) dubbed the year the “RV Centennial Celebration,” meant to commemorate the joy people get from RVing.

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Just the Facts, Please

8 Nov

Good editing requires meticulous attention to detail. Editing for correct grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation is necessary for any publication. Writing teachers stress the importance of re-reading and proofreading written work to ensure a readable, polished finished product. Inarguably, editing is a must.

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