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Saving the Most Exciting for Last: Richardson and Belknap

14 Nov

Fort Richardson

Intern Kristine Davis with Character Actor in Costume

The last fort trip to Richardson and Belknap just might have been the most exciting of the four excursions. After a wrong turn down a curvy road and a stop to take care of carsickness related to said road, we arrived at Fort Richardson.

The sedate entrance gave little indication of the fun that was to come. After receiving our parking sticker, we pulled around to the main parking lot into… Continue reading


Research Comes Alive at Forts Concho and Chadbourne

4 Nov

Of all the forts we’ve visited in the past few weeks, Forts Concho and Chadbourne were by far the best preserved. It was interesting driving into San Angelo with Publisher Mark Long navigating around the city streets with his iPhone GPS to find Fort Concho. My first thought when we came across the location was, “Well, this is different!” Continue reading

TSTC Publishing’s Newest Intern: Kristine Davis

12 Jul

Once there was a woman who desired truth above all else.  So she went on a journey to seek it out.  Boulders blocked the road when she first set out.  But she went around them.  A steep, uphill climb threatened her stamina and will to continue.  Yet still, she soldiered on.  Darkness surrounded her, bringing to the forefront all her latent fears and hidden secrets.

Continue reading

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