Introducing April, TSTC Summer Intern

31 May

When I was fifteen, I found a love to write. At first, what I wrote did not really matter. A few strokes of a pen on a sheet of paper started as a form of relief from the stresses of high school and teenage drama, but later, it developed into an art. I wrote a lot of things, but stories became my prime focus, with genres pertaining to fiction/fantasy and some horror/suspense. After two years, I set my mind on what I wanted to be – an author.

My dream to be a writer encouraged my choice to go to Baylor University. Baylor was the only school I found to offer a major in Professional Writing, which by definition offers a student the chance to learn a variety of writing skills in more than one field. In the two years of attending Baylor, I have gained experience writing documents in the business, technical, promotional, and creative fields.

When I started college, I was a horse with blinders. I saw only one path, because I had a one-track mind set on my becoming an author and nothing else. Reality sets up road blocks, though, and forces you to seek other paths. The fact for one such as me is no one becomes the next J. K. Rowling in six months or even a year. It takes time, persistence, and money, a lot of money. In this last year, I had to open my mind to other career possibilities, if I ever wanted to make a living. I had only one condition: whatever the job, it had to be in writing.

After searching and researching for months, I learned the number of career titles that included writing as a part of their description was long, too long. My next step was deciding which path suited me and my skills, and allowed me time to write my novels. The answer was one word: publishing.

I believe the opportunity to work in a publishing house would allow me to learn more about the process of publishing itself. In the end, the reward would be a great deal of knowledge that prepares me for when I seek to publish my own work.

When I found TSTC offered internships in its publishing department, I felt like I was on pins and needles when I called to inquire about an opening. Now it is day one of my summer internship with TSTC, and my heart is still pounding.

I am looking forward to the next couple of months, anxious and excited to learn as much as I can about a field that pertains so closely with my dream.

— April

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