Introducing Our New Intern: Amanda

14 May

For so many years, I thought I would be an English teacher –a teacher who would show students the wonderful universe of the written word and all the amazing adventures that it encompasses. I never dreamed  the desire to teach would slowly fade and become other desires.

A few years ago, as I started college, I did not deviate from the path I thought to traverse. I declared my English Education major, and had originally assumed my love for education outweighed that of my affection for English; however, I soon began falling in love with English even more than education. English literature was what captivated me the most.

I learned the excitement that came with turning a page, the bereavement I felt when a character died, and the pride of seeing a finished book on my shelf at the end of the day. With this newfound love, I came to the conclusion my job was not only to appreciate the craft through reading, but I also had the capability to actually produce just as wonderfully constructed stories as the authors I read. That is where my love for writing had blossomed.

I still stuck with the English Education major for nothing more than at least having a good opportunity to find a job if I were in need of one, for I am a good teacher even if that is not where my passions lie. I am finally in the middle of my senior year — I graduate in December — and I am at the point where I must begin thinking about my future. If teaching is not exactly what I enjoy most, I have to find other fields that utilize my newly found passions. This is where TSTC’s publishing internship comes in.

Because I want to stay close in proximity to the craft of writing, publishing seemed like the next best option. When I found this opportunity, I was ecstatic. I was eager to learn and see the other side of this field, that in all reality, I have come to realize I know little about.

I am at a turning point in my life. I know that soon decisions have to be made, and choosing the right over the left, or vice versa, will be paramount in discovering not only what job will challenge me, but what feats I will enjoy accomplishing.


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