TSTC Publishing Welcomes Marketing Intern

13 Jan

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”

— C.S. Lewis

Reading always has been one of my greatest pleasures. More often than not, I find myself in a crowded room of chatting people, completely lost in a book and ignorant to almost all ongoing conversation. It is always in these moments I can expect to be asked what I am reading and for my cheeks to redden, as my response lets everyone know I am obsessed with children’s literature.

Growing up, I devoured books. Every school year, I looked forward to the Scholastic Book Fair and made a list of books I wanted, longer than what I could possibly buy. While I would get a few, the books I got would not satisfy my desire to read. I would finish one a day until I had read them all.

Even now, I cannot stand to let a book sit after I have started it. Stories have the power to make the reader lose themselves in an imaginary world filled with the deepest emotions and vibrant imagery. Page after page, the characters come to life and more is revealed. How could I possibly stretch a book over a long period of time when I know something shocking could lie in the next chapter or sentence?

A love of literature is not something that fades. I carried my fascination with books to Baylor University in 2009 when I started college. As a freshman, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew I loved writing, people and books.

Throughout my time at Baylor I have met many people, but the people I have connected to most are those who love the books I love. I thoroughly believe bonds form over bookshelves and reading recommendations, as one friend calls another to pour out everything he or she discovered in a new book.

Over the years, through work with my sorority in schools around Waco and conversations with students at Baylor, I began to believe fewer children are developing a passion for reading, and many adults scorn reading fiction as a childish activity. Furthermore, there are studies indicating fewer boys are reading as they face a lack of novels with lead male characters and fear being accosted for reading novels with female leads.

These realizations saddened me but led to my goal to graduate Baylor in May 2012 with a degree in public relations. I plan to enter the world of book publishing to promote children’s literature and change common gender and age associations among novels. Through my internship with TSTC Publishing this semester, I hope to move closer to my goal. Although I love almost all genres of literature, I have found nothing ignites imaginations like fiction written for children. Where else can magic live and rules of reason be ignored?

Sure my cheeks may redden when I have to admit to my friends that I’ve been ignoring them in favor of a book about dragons and elves, but I know those who love reading understand. Everyone is capable of letting their imaginations run away with them into a world of mystery and impossibilities.

They simply have to open a book.

– Emilly

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