Introducing Our New Intern: Brian Tucker

11 Jan

I’ve never had any questions about my life. It was always a straight path, guided by my parents that never deviated. I knew from a young age I would be attending Baylor University, just as my sister had. I also knew I was in love with stories.

What a story meant, however, has changed greatly to me with age. When I was a young child, around the ages of six to approximately eleven, I wanted to write stories for video games. What little kid doesn’t love his favorite video game characters coming to life on the screen before them?

Their world wasn’t enough for me, however. I wanted to create my own universes and put little pieces of myself into each and every one of the characters that would inhabit that otherworldly realm in my mind.

At about eleven, I met my best friend in Boy Scouts, and together we discovered the love we have today for the novel.  We felt quite rebellious reading Stephen King’s IT and The Tommyknockers at a mere eleven years old.

That man inspired me to paint a picture not with computer graphics, but with words from my heart instead.  Many people deem Stephen King nothing but a horror writer, but I certainly never felt that way. His stories were, to me, a fight for acceptance in a world that is against you.

In IT there is a club of the biggest losers in the school, and the story is their banding together despite their faults, and saving all of the children in the town from the evil force that is taking their families away.

King gave me hope in a time when I felt like I had none. He gave me passion in a time when I felt defeated. He gave me drive when I felt powerless. I want to give that same feeling to as many people as possible.

My life has always been the straight arrow, but the more I grow as a person, the more I realize life isn’t just the straight and narrow, but a vast network of tree branches all with wonderful fruit at the ends just waiting for me to reach for them.

I am at the end of the trunk of that tree with graduation in only a matter of months. There is a lot of support in the trunk, but now I must go out on a limb, and become my own person. This is my baby step. This is me dipping my toe into the pool of the workforce. As any good Boy Scout, I must be prepared for what lies ahead, and this is my chance to fully prepare myself for whatever path lies ahead of me.


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