Great Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers

17 Nov

With the festivities of the Christmas season just around the corner, it’s never too early to start thinking about what to get the book lover in your life. Whether it be books, gift cards or electronic devices, any book lover will be sure to love our top five ideas for Holidays.

5. “Book-Lover” Items. Plenty of stores and websites offer great book-lover themed items. T-shirts, mugs, totes and even ties can be found online bearing phrases such as “I’d rather be reading” and “I like big books and I cannot lie.” Zazzle offers many wonderful book-lover gifts.

4. Scholastic’s Warehouse Sale (for educators). The children are sure to love this one! Remember the book fairs we all had in elementary school? They were full of fun books, great trinkets and other assorted items! Scholastic, the company who organized these book fairs, is having a Warehouse Book Sale. Everything in their warehouse will be discounted 25 to 80 percent! For Christmas, bring a young book lover to one of these sales, and let him or her go wild! You can find the location nearest you and their sale dates on their website.

3. Gift Cards. Gift cards put the decision into the receiver’s hands. While bookstores such as Barnes and Noble and Hastings offer in-store and online gift cards, websites such as Amazon also offer them. If you’re unsure, gift cards always guarantee the book lover in your life will get the perfect gift.

2. Handmade Gift Items. Any loved ones in your life will appreciate a handmade gift. Whether you craft it yourself or purchase it off a craft-selling site such as Etsy, handmade items can add personal touches to make your friends and family feel loved. Bookmarks, coasters and scrapbooks are easy-to-make items that always will be appreciated.

1. E-Readers. The Amazon Kindle. Barnes and Noble’s Nook. The Apple iPad. Every reader in your life needs an easy way to carry their book collection without actually bringing along their book collection. E-readers offer the luxuries of electronic downloads and tons of free books! Glare-free screens (on most e-ink readers) and page-savers make reading on these devices just as easy as reading a printed book. If it’s in your budget, e-readers make great gifts for your favorite book lover.

Christmas is a season for giving, and hopefully the ideas we’ve given you will help you to give! Got other ideas? Let us know what you plan to get the book lover in your life!


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