Try Submishmash for Collecting Submissions

19 Sep

Have you ever tried to hassle with documents attached to emails? In publishing, it can be an absolute nightmare. One manuscript may come as one document, while another may come as five or six. And, just forget collecting recipes for that new cookbook. Things are constantly getting lost or “archiving” themselves.

To twist the new-ish adage, “There’s a tool for that!”

Submishmash is the ultimate organization tool for publishing; I dare say, for anything involving submissions in general. What I love about this tool is you can think outside the box. Missoula Art Museum, for example, set up a Submishmash account to gather art submissions for an auction. Aqueous Books uses the site to collect prospective manuscripts for consideration. TSTC Publishing soon will be using it to collect our manuscripts, as well.

Authors can submit their manuscripts online for consideration. The interface is very easy to use: Just title the submission, add the file, type up a cover letter, and away you go. The editorial side is just as easy. I can view manuscripts on the site as PDFs or Google docs, or I can download the whole file. The site also lets me keep track of all the activity around a manuscript, including contact with the author and between staff members about. If I’m in the acquisitions phase of a project, I can give a yes “thumbs up”, no “thumbs down”, or maybe “thumbs sideways” and can explain my decision in the notes section.

I recommend this tool for all small publishers and publications. I can’t think of an easier way to collect short stories for anthologies or poems for contests. Give it a try! You’ll be supremely happy you did.


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  1. anastasiawraight October 10, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    Submishmash will soon be changing its name to Submittable. Definitely not as cute or creative, but it is what it is.

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