Introducing Our New Editorial Intern: Elisabeth Marrs

16 Sep

I started talking at the age of two, and my parents say I haven’t stopped since. Language always came more easily to me than my younger brother. Dear Matt, bless his heart, must have missed the grammar boat at some point in his childhood. I, on the other hand, was all about writing and reading anything within my grasp. I remember I wrote a tiny story for my dad on Father’s Day when I was just eight years old. It was clearly not the best piece of writing he had ever read, and granted it was about fishing out of an umbrella, yet I was still so proud to be giving him something I wrote all on my own. From then on I was sold. It was writing for me.

I had always been more interested in the creative, not so much the rules, side of writing. I even did an independent careers study to be a lyricist. No doubt, this was one of the best courses I took at Bandera High, coming in at a close second to Coach Shearheart’s senior English class. I would find myself listening to music for hours (mainly country, yuck I know, but I am from Texas, so don’t judge) just analyzing how lyricists used their words to create a song.

It was not until one summer when I took a job as a nanny that I discovered just how much I enjoyed not only reading but discovering new works. The Goodyear family needed me to keep their two children Lyle and CJ while they were at work during the week. Mr. Goodyear worked as an editor and often had books that were in the process of being published or just recently published lying around the house. He graciously allowed me to take a few to read and see what I thought. I would give the books then to a few of my friends (I probably should have asked permission first and for that, Mr. Goodyear, I apologize). My friends and I loved discussing the book and talking about how we either thought it would do well or would not sell at all and what we would change. It really made me consider publishing as a possible career. The idea of helping someone get their own work out to the public, really started to appeal to me.

That brings me to where I am now, the new intern at TSTC Publishing. I’m hoping my internship here can help me get the job that I want after I graduate. My ideal situation after graduation would be to work for a publishing company establishing myself and then be able to publish my own work. That early love affair with creative writing is still going strong and I would give anything to be able to publish some of my work and hopefully one day a novel. That is my paradise, so fingers crossed I get there one day!


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