TSTC Publishing Welcomes New Intern

1 Sep

In the sixth grade, I joined my middle school’s newspaper—“The Bear Whoop Express.” It wasn’t something I wanted to do; it was something my brother wanted to do. Being the loyal little sister I was (and the shy one who just wanted the company and something to do while my parents were at work), I followed. At 11 years old, I wrote some entertainment pieces (American Idol, Season 1) and covered a school district-wide event. Never did I think journalism was what I wanted to do with my life.

Years went on, and as a junior in high school, I needed an elective. Looking over the class sign-up form, I noticed the journalism course and put a check next to it. I never realized that day would change my life. I greatly excelled in the class as a writer, and surprisingly, I liked doing it. My teacher was by far the greatest mentor I’ve had thus far. With her advice, I represented our school in journalism UIL events and, in my first event, placed in the top three of all three categories I competed in. Near the end of high school, everyone looks for something they’re good at, something logical to do with their lives. This was my something. Finding enjoyment in it as well was the icing on the cake!

After my high school graduation, I was accepted at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, (again, following my brother who came to Baylor two years earlier) and enrolled in the school of journalism. My first year flew by, and I was given the option of focusing my degree on either news/editorial or public relations. While I loved writing, I also knew in an age where the latest smartphone, laptop, TV, or gadget is sought after like life-giving water, the field of public relations is just as important . It paired my love for writing, with my creative side, as I hoped I would get to work with one of the many bands I love or one of my favorite magazines. With this career goal in mind, I paired my major with a minor in marketing. Since then, I have realized the fantasy career I created was not at all what the field of public relations entailed, and truthfully, I fell even more in love with it.

Now I find myself as a junior taking an Advanced Public Relations course. The course requires an internship, and never having had one before, I was extremely nervous in trying to find one. I weighed my options carefully. After a few interviews, TSTC Publishing made a huge impression on me. Everyone was so friendly (even at 9 in the morning) and welcomed me into the office. Looking over the type of work I would be doing, it was everything I could have hoped for in a post-college portfolio – press kits, book samples, etc. This was exactly where I wanted to be. This is my first internship, and while I know I may not be great at what I do (or will be doing) now, I will definitely grow from the experience. I hope to be a much better PR intern when I leave.

-Debra Gonzalez


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