TSTC Instructor Bowles Consults at Honduras High School

24 Aug

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

This is a guest post by Mary Drennon in the TSTC Marketing Department. It first appeared in the Aug. 22 ourspace.tstc.

Biomedical Equipment Technology (BET) Department Chair Roger Bowles recently returned from a trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where he served in a consultant capacity at the Instituto Nacional de Formación Profesional (INFOP), a government-run technical high school. Bowles toured INFOP’s biomedical program facilities, checking equipment and evaluating the program.

The consultation was conducted on behalf of Engineering World Health, a non-profit organization of biomedical engineering volunteers who work to improve the quality of healthcare in hospitals in poorer developing countries. The organization has been teaching a continuing education program in BET for the past six months and would like to see it expand into a full-time, permanent program run by the local school.

Bowles’ visit was part of ensuring the program’s success once volunteers leave Honduras. He spent five days talking to local administrators, touring area hospitals and visiting local businesses to evaluate the feasibility of a BET program. He will provide a report to Engineering World Health of his findings.

Congratulations to Dr. Bowles on this exciting, international opportunity!

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