Upgrade to Free Gathers Free Online Tools & Apps

3 Aug

Our newest book, Upgrade to Free: The Best Free & Low-Cost Online Tools & Apps offers an expansive array of useful computer tools for professionals and casual Internet users. The book, released Aug. 1, includes more than 300 applications and websites, tips for ease of use and testimonials from successful users. With stories relating how the tools helped improve the author Beth Ziesenis’ own life, the book is full of productive information. QR codes on each page also allow readers to use smartphones to scan codes that will take them to the specific tool’s website.

The book also recently made JessicaNow’s Summer Reading for the Working Mom. Jessica Smith advises, “If you decide that you’d rather read about increasing productivity than reading a romance or a thriller on the beach…bring this book along with your smartphone as there are QR codes for each app in the book for easy reference.”

In another review, former plus-size model Emme Aronson says, “I had no idea there were so many helpful free apps just sitting there waiting to be used! Thank you, Beth, for making my computer life not only more cost effective but easier!”

Between organizational tools, multimedia and online efficiency, Upgrade to Free: The Best Free & Low-Cost Online Tools & Apps has something for all computer users. As virtually every application is free or at least has a free trial version, take full advantage of the endless available tools to improve functionality and productivity. Although many apps cost money to upgrade, free versions usually provide enough service to forestall an upgrade. One also can take a test drive with free trials to determine which app works best before committing to buy it..

Author Beth Ziesenis, a member of the American Society of Association Executives, began compiling lists of effective online tools as a hobby and, as she received more requests, created a homepage at AskBethZ. After investigating hundreds of tools, Ziesenis shares only her favorites. As new tools hit the market every day, it remains a constant effort to deliver the best tools to readers. In addition to the AskBethZ website, find the latest breaking news on tools at the Upgrade to Free forum.

Upgrade to Free combines all the best computer tools, along with supplemental websites and examples of how the tools can help with everyday situations. The book, released in July as an ebook for $9.95 or $14.95 in print is available from through all major book distributors and booksellers or directly from the publisher at publishing.tstc.edu.

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