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29 Jul

At the start of 2011, I made a goal: I promised myself I would read 100 books this year. A couple of months later, I downsized that to 50. I’m thinking of shrinking that further to maybe 30. So far, I’ve successfully completed 15, and the year is nearly halfway over.

With busy schedules, it can be really hard to make time to sit down and read. Sometimes it’s just easier to watch TV than pick up a book. I’m an editor. I get it; I read all day long. However, I just so happen to love books, be they digital or physical. I do my best to make time when I can.

That’s all well and good! What makes the situation worse is trying to sort through the millions of books out there and decide which one to pick up. What are the best sellers? Do I honestly want to read about sparkly vampires? Is the latest “it” book really worth the time? There’s an endless sea of options, and sometimes it’s just overwhelming.

Recently, the Publishers Weekly’s blog featured a story on Literature-Map, and it is a life-saver! Go to the website, type in your favorite author, and a mass of names pops up on a blue background. While the names are swirling and positioning themselves, it seems like utter chaos. After a moment, once things have settled, you can see there is an order to the madness.

In the dead center rests the name of your favorite author. Let’s take an example, my favorite author, to illustrate this. I typed in Clive Barker. The names nearest to Barker are the authors the Literature-Map suggests I would most like based on my interests. The ones further away are ones I’m less likely to enjoy. Nearest to Barker is Poppy Z. Brite, Dan Simmons, and China Mieville. Not bad suggestions!

Summer is nearly over, but there’s still time to catch a few pages. Try out Literature-Map and see what new authors you will discover. You just might find your next can’t-put-it-down, can’t-take-a-breath book.

This is definitely a tool I will be adding to the Upgrade to Free forums! Everyone could use a little help choosing their next book.



2 Responses to “Literature-Map: Navigating Books”

  1. Laina Tyler Juarez July 29, 2011 at 4:28 pm #

    That was an awesome blog! I will bookmark this literature map and use it FOREVER!!!!

    Great suggestion and great job!


    • sheilatstc August 10, 2011 at 10:29 am #

      Thanks, Laina. Ana inspires us all!

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