Miller’s Got His Beat Down Pat

14 Jul

Stephen M. Miller.

Ummm…I wonder, as I pick up the book from the bedside table in my sister’s guestroom.

My excitement grows as I realize that indeed the author is the one and same Stephen M. Miller I had worked with many years ago. I knew him then as a creative writer of biblical curriculum pieces and knew he also did some freelance articles.

That was a few years ago, and now Facebook and Twitter keep us connected. In Steve’s words, “I’m glad our paths crossed” is how he autographed one of his recent books, The Complete Guide to Bible Prophecy.

I’m glad, too, and am happy to review any and all of his books. Steve’s books resonate with today’s reader. His dry sense of humor contributes to each and every book. When we worked together, I used to read his copy and always think, “Why can’t I be creative like that?”

I remember he liked me because I was the first editor (besides him) hired at a Christian publishing company with a newspaper journalism background. When we both started in newspaper journalism, we had beats. Now, it’s more about convergence, and I doubt most young journalists know much about the beat system. Basically, a reporter covered a beat (schools, police, city government, etc.) so well that he/she knew the area and its contacts very well. Steve likes to think he’s on the Bible beat. His lineup of books definitely verifies he’s got his beat down pat.

Books like the best-selling and award-winning Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible helped place Miller as a best-selling author of easy-to-read biblical reference books. His latest book, released last spring, The Complete Visual Bible, takes readers inside the Bible in an easy-to-understand and visual way. One reader said the book, with its more than 1,000 colorful photos and side stories, “leaves me wanting more.”

Follow Steve on Twitter @StephenMMiller. He is a self-proclaimed Christian author who writes easy-reading books about the Bible. Lots of pictures. No preaching. He also can be reached at

And I’ll just add to be prepared to laugh because Steve is just that kind of guy.


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