TSTC Publishing’s Newest Intern: Kristine Davis

12 Jul

Once there was a woman who desired truth above all else.  So she went on a journey to seek it out.  Boulders blocked the road when she first set out.  But she went around them.  A steep, uphill climb threatened her stamina and will to continue.  Yet still, she soldiered on.  Darkness surrounded her, bringing to the forefront all her latent fears and hidden secrets.

Then the light dawned.

Though a bit dramatic in its telling, this is not just any generic story.  It’s my own.

Growing up, I was a pretty timid little girl.  I remember when a salesman came to the door, and I was so afraid I hid behind my mother’s skirt, peering around to see the man.  High school was filled with more of the same timidity.  It wasn’t until much later, I realized I was an extrovert.  In 1999, I went to Baylor to get a bachelor’s degree in secondary education.  Halfway through, I realized the idea of teaching the same thing, year after year, in the same classroom bored me to tears.  So I switched to sociology.  But what do you do with a degree in sociology?  Get a master’s, I guess.   But I really didn’t want to do that, not yet anyway.

And then I hit twenty and had a pretty revelatory moment.

As I was walking to my car from my apartment, I realized my need for truth.  The twenty years previously, I had created a reality for myself that was rooted in fears and false understandings.  It obscured the very essence of who I was created to be.  But as I began to passionately pursue truth, my life took a completely different direction.  It certainly wasn’t an easy road.  Truth never is.  The journey during that time was wrought emotionally and mentally with obstacles, pain, and seemingly endless webs of self-created deceit and falsity.

And my path veered off into places I never thought I’d go after graduation.  I ended up becoming a missionary in Missouri where I was an assistant to the chef.  I spent my days shopping in bulk at a wholesale warehouse and cooking for hundreds of interns and staffers.  After realizing I could not support myself in that line of work, I moved back to Texas and became a teacher, the polar opposite of what I wanted to do with my life.  My last two years of teaching, I taught Latin.  With no Latin experience whatsoever.  But I did it!  Job stress soon contributed to depression.  Although I was not brave enough to quit on my own, the school shut down because of finances, leaving me with a bounty of choices from which to choose my next step on the journey.

But in the midst of depression and unknowing, light seeped through the cracks and shone, illuminating what was unseen.

After teaching, I went back to Baylor as a grad student to get my master’s degree in journalism.  The light began to enlighten parts of me I never knew existed, including the reason for my current internship with TSTC Publishing – Marketing/PR.  They combine two of my loves: people and writing.  I love people!  I love being around them; I love talking with them; I love encouraging them.  And I love writing.  It gives expression to the deepest places of my heart when words cannot.  So I finally am able to combine those two loves.

On that long, uphill journey through my twenties, I discovered my passion.  Though my twenties have included large obstacles, uphill climbs, and darkness, the light has begun to dawn and truth has become a more prominent mainstay in my life.  The painful journey is paying off!

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