All Things Books

25 Jun

Several years ago, I saw a couple of Victorian chairs covered in a colorful tapestry of books. Shelves of books covered the chairs. They were the most wonderful chairs I had ever seen. I envisioned them as guest chairs in my editor’s office. It was only when I ventured into the store and found a price tag did I question whether I would ever own such magnificent chairs.

Now my eye spotted something even more spectacular. Lamps made from old books. Made by Erdemdesign, each lamp is unique and made from art and coffee table books. A blogger suggested that as we use more and more e-readers that this is a creative way to recycle our old-fashioned paper books.

As for me, I just think the Book Lamp is wonderful, because it is a book. These would be great in any office, den or book-reading nook.

So I wondered what other wonderful book items are out there? Check out a look at unusual book and page sculptures at Dark Roasted Blend: Weird & wonderful things.

The site also features book art with cutouts and pop-ups, made from old books. And why not make a book shelf out of well, books?

The website instructables also features a floating bookshelf, made from books. The site offers step by step instructions. There also are inverted book shelves.  Another website filled with wonderful book items is Etsy. Go take a look, but be prepared to spend some time at this wonderful site.

Now, the only problem I see about recycling books into other objects is giving up the books in the first place. I think I’ll hang on to mine a bit longer.


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