Two Graphics Interns Ready to Make Their Mark

28 Sep

TSTC Publishing expands its staff with two promising new graphic design interns, Janet McKelvy and Michael Garrett.

Both interns are Texas natives. Although originally from West Texas, Jane has lived all over the state and in parts of California and Florida. She moved to Waco in 2007 so her son Will, a game design major, could attend TSTC. Michael was born in Dallas, Texas, which he called home until he was 15.  Life then took him to New Braunfels and soon after to Waco.  He has since moved to Crawford, Texas where he currently resides.

Janet and Michel are both students at Texas State Technical College Waco. Micheal is pursuing a degree in Advertising Design and Printing. Janet graduated last semester from the Digital Media Design program, but enrolled in a few classes this semester as well. “They’re classes I’ve always been interested in but couldn’t fit in before,” Janet said.

A family-oriented mother of two, Janet’s educational career was shaped by her special needs daughter, Shauna.  “One of the reasons I chose digital media design was I wanted to custom-make some video games for her that were on her level,” she said.

Drawing for Shauna puts Janet’s skills as an artist into use daily. Janet said Shauna did not like regular coloring books, but insisted on coloring her mom’s drawings instead. Today, she still draws for her daughter all day, every day. Whatever Shauna wants, her mother draws. “If we’re driving by, and she sees a tractor, I draw a tractor.  I can do princesses and mermaids in my sleep,” Janet said.

Michael credits a long-held love of art with drawing him into the world of graphic design, although it is a much different kind of art.  “Unlike a painter, you are not trying to create a painting that has a deep emotional connection to you as a painter,” Michael said. “You are instead trying to create the physical representation of a message.”

Michael also enjoys the “creative freedom” that comes with the world of graphic design, the freedom to explore the various techniques to create whatever the clients need.  Graphic design is a huge part of what makes any product marketable, “a bottle of water is just a bottle of water until someone makes a logo,” he said.

Graphic design isn’t the only art that Michael and Janet enjoy. Currently, Michael’s favorite type of art is sculpting.  He also likes to unravel after a long day of classes and interning by rocking out on his guitar, a skill he has been developing since he was 9.  He tries to fit in time with guitar everyday, with his friends making frequent guest appearances with their drums.

Photography is Janet’s art of choice. “I love taking pictures and editing pictures and altering them and making them looking really awesome. Photoshop is my real passion,” she said. Befitting of her internship with TSTC Publishing, Janet’s interests include writing as well. She’s written and illustrated a few children’s books she would like to publish.

Janet’s hobbies also include serving at her church. She teaches a girl’s group at Praise Temple Assembly of God in Waco and is very involved in church activities.

Janet and Michael both see the internship with TSTC Publishing as a chance to gain work experience. “This internship is like a stepping stone into the workforce,” Janet said.

“It’s all real world experience that the interns get here,” Michael said.  “Instead of just a classroom and some theory, as an intern, I get to put that theory into application.”

Stori Long and Dannyele

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