Meet TSTC Publishing’s Design Interns

2 Jul

Creativity is a theme this summer with TSTC Publishing’s design interns. “The graphic design interns we have this summer come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, but all share a passion for design and a strong work ethic that is vital in today’s job market,” said Projects Manager Grace Arsiaga. “We have had interns working in the office since 2004, when the office first opened, and they are a great asset to the company.”

Let’s get to know a little bit more about what attracted these students to TSTC and design.

Out-of-state student Alexander Alston came to Waco from his hometown in Lansing, Mich., to reconnect with family.  In addition to pursuing relationships with family members, he also is pursuing a new degree. Since March 2008, Alston has been working through the Advertising Design & Print Technology program at TSTC. He says his favorite thing about his classes is learning how to work with computers. Before he enrolled at TSTC, Alston was a “jack of all trades,” including being a plumber, painter, and poet. As an intern for TSTC Publishing, Alston is interested in mastering web design. He also enjoys designing book covers.

Micah Bonney joined the Advertising Design & Print Technology program at TSTC in the fall of 2007. He chose ADP because he enjoys working on computers and design projects. Bonney is no stranger to internship programs. This is his second internship at TSTC; last semester, he interned in bindery. As a design intern this summer, he helps out with whatever jobs and projects he is assigned. Bonney said he has enjoyed all his assignments at TSTC Publishing. Outside of school, he enjoys working with his hands and taking things apart.  “I am really good at figuring out things and fixing them,” he said. Bonney plans to use his education at TSTC to pursue his life’s dream. And he’s eager to start that life. “I can’t wait to be done with school,” he said.

Kristina Deuvall, a native Wacoan, is pursuing a career in Advertising Design & Print Technology at TSTC. The decision to pursue design came naturally to her. “I have always been an artistic person,” said Deuvall. Through TSTC’s ADP program, she hopes to expand her knowledge and proficiency in the design applications she’ll use in her career field.  Outside of her internship and classes, Deuvall enjoys pursuing art, going to dance class, and spending time with family and friends.

Joe Gonzales knows the restaurant business; now he’s looking to learn the advertising one. He grew up in Waco and worked in restaurant management for five years before deciding to go through the Advertising Print & Design Technology program at TSTC. He said he was inspired to enroll after his brother began attending TSTC. After looking through the list of majors offered, Gonzales said ADP intrigued him. His favorite thing about his career choice is the creativity. Gonzales said he enjoys the freedom to create what he wants.

Ryan Jaworski returned for his second internship with TSTC Publishing. Jaworski said he likes his internships because he’s received hands-on experience in book layout and production. Only a semester from graduating, he is excited about his career in Advertising Print & Design Technology. He loves the idea of creating designs and being paid for them. Jaworski, who is originally from Minnesota, is particularly interested in freelancing. “Freelancing is like modern-day hustling; you got to get out there and do your thing,” he said.

Music inspired Eric Larson to choose graphic design as a career. “Music and the T- shirts, flyers, and album artwork really got my attention, and I wanted to do something like that for a living,” he said. Through the ADP program, Larson hopes to learn more about design and how to catch someone’s eye. As a design intern for TSTC Publishing, he is required to arrive on time, meet a ten-hour work week, go over projects with his supervisor, Grace Arsiaga, and design from interesting ideas. He said his favorite project so far as been a datebook planner. Larson is very excited to see it published. Outside of work and school, he enjoys playing guitar, learning facts and trivia about music, spending time with his girlfriend and dog.

Jamie Nelson, a Georgia native, wants to be a graphic designer.  She said ADP offers her the tools she needs to be one. “I want to successfully establish myself as a reliable, creative designer for the Waco area,” she said. Nelson creates textbook illustrations for TSTC Publishing, and she said her favorite creation is a complex welding illustration. “It was a challenge, and I felt accomplished upon completing it,” she said. Almost at the finish line, Nelson is excited about graduating this December and pursuing new projects and job opportunities. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and friends and working at her church. She likes reading, running, and traveling.

Victoria Ricoy said she wants to use her education to better herself. One of the ways she’s doing that is dual majoring. Ricoy is majoring in both Advertising Design & Print Technology and Digital Media Design. She also is working on a pre-press certificate. “Advertising is an interesting media form,” Ricoy said. “I get to give the customer what they want and use my creativity at the same time.” In using her creativity, she also discovered she really enjoyed animation. Through your education, Ricoy wants to make a lasting impact. “I want to make designs that will be around for centuries,” she said. As an intern for TSTC Publishing, Ricoy is working on a flip calendar for Lust, Violence, Religion, a book being released in September. It’s her favorite project yet, and she’s excited to see the final outcome. Outside her education and internship, Ricoy’s enjoys doing Sudoku puzzles, playing Nintendo DS, and participating in The Hispanic Student Association  (HSA).

Claudia Sanchez chose Advertising Design & Print Technology as her program because it involved art. Sanchez enjoys many forms of the arts—including drawing, reading, history, and music. In ADP, she combines her interests. “With this program, I get a chance to be as creative as I want with my designs,” Sanchez said. She is also very career-focused. “I would like to obtain my degree in ADP, and I would like to get a degree in media communication & Information,” she explained. At her internship with TSTC Publishing, Sanchez’ primary duties are the creation and re-creation of illustrations. She said her favorite project so far has been a book cover. Outside her major and the realm of art, her interests include people, science, and traveling.

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