Successful conference season draws to a close

18 Jun

It’s been a few weeks since TSTC Publishing staffed its last booth of the season at the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) in Austin. Since October when I started with TSTC Publishing, I’ve helped to staff a booth at the Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA)  in Houston, Texas Library Association (TLA)  in San Antonio, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)  in Dallas and this last one in Austin. While certainly not a pro yet, I, at least, can say I’ve gained experience in using conferences to help get the word out about our books.

Sales Manager Wes Lowe and I headed to NISOD, knowing it would be the last conference for a while. And yes, we thought we were a little road-weary, especially Wes, who crammed a Corpus Christi sales trip in between Dallas and Austin. What we didn’t expect was the wonderful response our booth got at NISOD. Though attendance was down, and the conference was one of the smaller ones we attended, we met people from all over the nation as well as Canada, Egypt, and Bermuda. They were people genuinely interested in what we had to offer….affordable textbooks written specifically for what they are teaching, whether it be English, wind energy, math or any number of subjects.

It’s always fun for me to hear Publisher Mark Long talk about his first sales call after helping to create TSTC Publishing.

“We didn’t have any books yet, but I was there to sell them books,” he recalls, laughing. Six years later, though, TSTC Publishing touts 40-50 titles, and the word is getting out.

After attending the wind energy conference in Dallas in May, we soon realized that indeed, TSTC Publishing has one, if not THE ONLY, textbook on wind energy. We also offer a Wind Energy book in our Technical Careers series.

Another book that caught the attention of NISOD attendees was Taking Charge, our student orientation book. We are in the process of completing a second edition as well as customizing a version for McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas. Instructors in Kentucky, Louisiana, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma and Calgary, Canada, all expressed interest in using the student orientation textbook.

We also want to thank Dr Pepper in Waco for supplying us with cans of Diet and regular Dr. Peppers to put in TSTC Publishing koozies and give to conference attendees. Wes did his best to also hand out our koozies to those carrying their own drinks.

So now that the conference season has drawn to a close, we are working hard to let you know about our upcoming projects, including a cookbook celebrating 100 years of RVing and a scholarly historical look at Waco, Texas. Keep watching this post for the latest from TSTC Publishing.


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