TSTC Publishing Introduces Second Baylor Intern

9 Jun

My name is Jacqui Atchison, and I’m a Baylor intern working at TSTC Publishing for the summer. I come from the far corner of the world called the Pacific Northwest, otherwise known as Washington State. Contrary to popular belief, it is not constantly overcast and rainy; only about one fourth of the state actually is. The rest of the state, what we affectionately call the middle of nowhere, is all desert and farmland, where wine-tasting is a hobby, and the smell of cows doesn’t wrinkle any noses.

It is in this beautiful, if barren, country that I have spent most of my life. I was born in California, but my family moved by the time I was five years old to western Washington, the rainy side of the state. Over the span of seven years, my family moved three times in the same town, just from one end of town to the next.  In this time, I developed a very healthy dislike for the rain and a talent for packing and moving rarely seen in a non-army family child. Then when I was twelve, we escaped the constant cloud cover and moved to the sunny side of the state, a move I (and my allergies) have been grateful for ever since.

As the youngest in a family of four daughters, I have lived my life with the classic youngest child dilemma, constantly in the shadow of my older sisters. Well, not in their shadows precisely, more like their footprints.  It is true  there are many ways to go through high school and different approaches to sports and activities. I am fairly certain my sisters and I have covered all of them. From choir to softball, church girl to prom queen, my sisters and I have done just about everything, which means I had to become a bit creative if I wanted to be a trail blazer.

It was this quest for uniqueness that led me to Baylor. At Baylor, I would be able to complete my education out of state, the only one in my family to do that. Now I’m having different adventures and making new and exciting mistakes that no one in my family has made before, or as I like to see it, living my life as a trial-and-error experiment. There may be a lot of trials and a lot of errors but I learn more from my mistakes than my successes, and the mistakes are much funnier stories to tell.

So here’s to blind trust and jumping in feet first.


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